Commercial coffee line


The commercial coffee line


Distinguished by excellent coffee blends, the this particular Coffee’IT commercial line is addressed to HO.RE.CA.’s sector. It is the line addressed to bars, restaurants, hotels, caterings and all other commercial sectors where coffee is served.

It is the right line for shopping malls’ distribution, though its intense taste and blends variety make it ideal for domestic use as well.

A choice of fine and different blends

High quality

60% arabica

Gold blend

A mixture of the best coffees of Central America and Tanzania to get a rich blend with a balanced and stimulating taste. This blend is characterized by a good creaminess in cup.
Estimation: inviting, well-balanced with stimulating notes, vanilla-flavored and delicate aroma.

50% arabica

Red blend

Balanced blend consisting of the best coffees from Central/South America and India to get a full-bodied taste and a delicate aroma.
Estimation: well-bodied, pronounced fruit notes, persistent.

40% arabica

Green blend

Mixture of coffees coming from Central America. This composition makes the relevant blend full-bodied and with a marked taste.
Estimation: full and rich taste, persistent aroma and light acidity.

30% arabica

Blue blend

Blend of best-quality coffees from Central America and Brazil.
Estimation: full body, intense and rich aroma.

Supplies available

Caffè in grani 250 gr CoffeeIT

Packaging 250 gr.

Caffè in grani 500 gr CoffeeIT

Packaging 500 gr.

Caffè in grani 1 kg CoffeeIT

Packaging 1 kg.

Sacco di caffè da 25 kg CoffeeIT

Sack of 20 kg.

Big bag caffè CoffeeIT

Big Bag

For the customized line, minimum order: 3 pallets

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